Well, folks as the weekend comes to a close so does the first car show of the season the “Valley Chrome & Wheel” show at the MTA Event Center and Ice Rink.  It sure was a great show.  If I do say so my self one of our best.  We started out with 55 vehicles registered, 8 had to drop out and they were replaced with 7 more so we ended up with 54 final count.  I can’t tell you the final count of those who came through our show yet but I had printed up 1,000 ballots for the weekend, printed 500 more on Saturday night and Sunday we ran out and started using post it notes and gave out a pad and a half of those.  So, there were a lot of people.  Our two Food Trucks scheduled showed up “Mamaw and Pops Hillbilly Cooking” and “Exquisite Urban Tastes” so we had plenty of good food for those who were hungry.  The City of Palmer besides giving us a grant to use the building for our show put us on the shuttle line so people could stop by and check us out on their way to the Air Show and other activities going on in Downtown Palmer the weekend.  I want to thank everyone who made this show possible from those who worked tirelessly at it and their poor spouses and partners who coped with us while we did down to the guys who swept the parking lot so gravel didn’t hit our beautiful rides driving in and out.  We thank you, thank you, thank you. Here are some pictures of the winners. Antique Car 1930 Ford, Antique Truck 1919 Model T Truck, Classic Car 1963 Corvette Split Window, Classic Truck 1955 Chevy Pickup, Custom Car 1957 Ranchero, Custom Truck 1965 El Camino, Muscle 1973 Camaro, Import 2004 Ferreri Spider, Rods 1932 Chevy Custom, Work in Progress 2007 Charger, Motorcycle 2014 Can Am Spyder, Tractor 1947 Oliver, Mayor’s Choice 1929Model A Hot Rod, People’s Choice 1932 Chrysler Victoria.

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