Day 2 “Valley Chrome & Wheel” Another great day at our “Valley Chrome & Wheel” Show at the MTA Event Center. I can’t tell you how many people attended but there sure were a lot. I counted a lot of ballots. A correction about yesterday’s post. The delicious Bar-B-Que is NORTH Carolina Bar-B-Que. Still delicious and I got another of those wonderful Chocolate Lasagna Desserts. We were also able to have Exquisite Urban Taste there today too. Both of these fine food trucks sounded interested in attending some more of our shows. So, lets hope so. Good food always makes the car show better. Here are some pictures one of our members took of the nice full arena. Tomorrow, Sunday May 7th is our last day, and we are open from 10:00am to 4:00pm. We will be giving out all of our trophies at around 3:45 so don’t miss seeing all these beautiful vehicles.

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