Hot Summer Nights – 2021

Beautiful night for a car show, last night. Hot Summer Nights turned out to be a really nice show. The weather cleared around 1 in the afternoon and stayed clear. Our show started at 5 and the skies stayed clear until the last trophy was given out at 9 and the cars were starting to leave. Then it started to drizzle again. We had around 100 cars show up. So we had a good turnout. 30 pre-registered so that helped a lot with keeping the lines moving. And I was blessed to have Jane Keller and Jane Ann Aldrich help me. They did all the counting of ballots as well as helping with the registration. We had 3 Food Trucks show up. Jerry said first I didn’t have any and then I ended up with 3. Bar-B-Que Man, On-a-Whim Gourmet Hot Dogs, and I believe the 3rd truck was DK Bar-B-Que. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food. The trophy winners were Motorcycle 1966 Honda, 3rd Place 1941 Ford Pickup, 2nd 1940 Chevy (Rat) Pickup, 1st was 1915 Ford Model T Pickup and the Mayor’s Trophy went to a 1968 Ford Mustang. Hope you were able to come and join the fun.