John Holcomb’s Memorial

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John’s children had his memorial service yesterday. It was a beautiful service. His children did a wonderful job. His daughter Valerie had pictures of John taken throughout his life all over the church. He sure was gorgeous when he was young. I could just see him in his youth in skinny jeans with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his undershirt sleeve wearing a leather jacket. I told his daughter Valarie that and she showed me the picture of him just like it. Made me think of the movie GREASE. John’s grandson has worked as a DJ, and he brought all the sound equipment. He was playing music in the beginning that made me cry. One of Johns other grandsons did the video that ran in a loop on and off during the service. John’s daughter Alana read the obituary and talked about the story of John. Telling things about his life as a father and man. John’s adorable little granddaughter Regan who is not quite four sang two songs. “You are my Hero” and “Man in Black” she started singing when John’s grandson was setting up and they gave her a mic and she just belted the songs out. It was amazing how she knew all the words. Alana asked her if she wanted to sing during the service and she said yes. They asked if she would be scared with a lot of people there and she said no. And she wasn’t it didn’t faze her a bit that everyone was watching her. Pastor Bill Little did a very moving sermon. He had done the service the end of October for Jane Ann. After Regan sang her final song, they passed the mic around and people commented on John. Afterward they had refreshments and we all sat around and enjoyed the wonderful food and reminisced about John and what he meant to us. He will be greatly missed by many.